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Vegas-Emeril’s Table 10

On the 2nd night Ann and I had about an hour and half so we wandered into the Venetian and sat at the bar at Emeril’s Table 10.  Very nice rich decor-back bar was cool-a wrought iron circular stairway and they aslo featured a wide open display kitchen that you could sit in front of-almost on the expo line- and enjoy the view.

We relaxed at the bar.  I was drinking for both of us and had a couple glasses of wine.  Finished the night with a “French Roast” which was pretty tasty-shot of espresso, starbucks liqueur, 3 olives coffee vodka and creme de cocoa skaken served up in  a martini glass with three coffee beans.  Expensive at $15, but pretty tasty.

Now on to the food.  We mixed and matched and shared a couple of course.

Truffle Mac-n-Cheese
$14-Good but still mac and cheese.

Seared Maine Scallops
Jumbo Lump Crab, Lima Bean & Tomato Succotash, Creole Tomato Glaze, Parmesan Cheese
$38-Our favorite and the succotash made the dish

Cola Soaked Free Range Moscovy Duckling
Glazed Butternut Squash and Apricot Reduction
$32 -1/2 duck -Just alright-Sauce was excellent, but the duck was a bit tough.  Good flavor

Salt & Pepper Crusted South Carolina Farm Raised Striped Bass
Skin-on Whole Fish stuffed with Lemons & Herbs and served with Toasted Almond Brown Butter
$32-Very good and cooked perfectly.  Too much herb for my liking, but exactly as it was advertised. 

The portions were all very good sized and the service was excellent with a couple of bartenders keeping tandom with our meal.  Thanks to Wendy and Paul for the experience and would recommend if you like that style of menu.  Won’t leave hungry and for Vegas the value was very good.

Next we went to Cirque Mystique at Treasure Island.  More about that on the next post.


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