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Vegas Baby!

Ann and I just got back from a couple of days in Vegas.  Went out there for the Wedding MBA show that highlights the latest trends in the wedding industry.  Stayed at the Wynn hotel and we got a rgeat deal from Southwest Airlines vacations.  6 room nights and roundtrip air for under $1,200. 

As far as the Wynn goes, I was not feeling the love.  In the past 10 years I’ve been out there 5 times and stayed at the Bellagio, Venetian, Treasure Island and the Planet Holleywood when it was under renovation.  Treasure Island was the most fun as far as stuff hapenning.  Bellagio was the most opulent and the fountain is now a landmark.  I don’t think that the Planet Hollywood was great, but hard to judge as it was still being converted from the old Alladin hotel.  Pound for pound the Venetian was the coolest set-up, had the best choice of dining options and was the most fun to explore.  The Lake of dreams at the Wynn is great for diner or a cocktail at one of the restaurants and the pool looked amazing when we saw it after the conference, but the rest of the hotel was just alright.  Maybe I was expeting more.

More on our trip later including our the meal and show, the conference and some of the new trends in weddings, how the midwest difers fromt he rest of the nation when it comes from weddings.




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