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Grilled Sea Scallops


4-6 each scallops depending on size
1 C spinach raw
4 each fingerling potatoes – split & roasted (keep under heat lamp)
8 each dried strawberries
1 ½ oz. grapefruit vinegar
¼ t Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt
¼ t pepper

* Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt has underlying earthy flavors that balances out the sweetness of the scallops and makes this Spring dish pop!  Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt is available for purchase at Grand Petite Market  and online (LINK). 


Lightly sprinkle scallops w/ salt & pepper and grill.  In a salad bowl mix spinach, potatoes and 1 oz. grapefruit vinegar together.  Put salad in the middle of the plate.  Place scallops and strawberries around salad.  Drizzle ½ oz of grapefruit vinegar over scallops.


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