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Grand Petite Market Featured Wine for September

Schloss Vollrads 2005 Riesling

Schloss Vollrads 2005 Riesling

Schloss Vollrads 2005 Riesling $17.50

Paul, Wendy and her parents unexpectedly visited Schloss Vollrads in May as an optional shore excursion while on a Rhine River Cruise.  Once they arrived at the castle and saw the family crest they realized this was the same producer of a wine that they carry in the shop.  What a small world it is to travel around the globe and randomly find the producer of a wine selected by our Wine Director here in St. Louis.  One really cool tidbit is that in order to avoid cork taint, this wine is sealed with a Vino-Lok glass stopper, the very first winery to do so!

The viticultural history of Schloss Vollrads is inseparably linked with the name Greiffenclau. It is the family with the longest tradition of wine growing – not only in the Rheingau, but probably in the world. A document in the Mainz City Archives shows that on November 18, 1211, Ruthard Embricho and Heinrich Greiffenclau sold wines from their hometown, Winkel, to the St. Victor monastery in Mainz, Germany. Even in the Middle Ages Vollrads wines were a valuable commodity exported to towns along the Lower Rhine and in northern Germany. Then, as now, vines were cultivated on the south facing slopes along the Rhine River that still fan out in a semicircle around the Vollrads Palace. Today, this long tradition is enhanced by the most modern technical equipment and meticulous care in the cellars. The estate’s 125 acres of vineyards are planted exclusively with Riesling grapes, the finest white grape grown in Germany. In order to achieve the highest quality of wine possible, Schloss Vollrads cultivates Riesling grapes; controls yields through selective pruning; practices ecologically-oriented vineyard maintenance; harvests its grapes late and selectively, by hand; and allows its wines to develop with as little interference as possible. The cellar master strives to retain all the grapes’ natural aromas, minerals, and acids during vinification and to produce fruity Riesling wines that reflect their varietal character. Schloss Vollrads devotes special attention to producing dry and off-dry Riesling wines that are excellent with good food. The 1999 vintage was especially remarkable: for the first time in the estate’s long history, every quality level – from Qualitätswein (QbA) to Trockenbeerenauslese (TBA) and Eiswein – has been produced. The Schloss Vollrads team, headed up by Dr. Rowald Hepp, is particularly proud to have received the Award of Honor conferred by the State of Hessen.

100 % Riesling
Alcohol:  approx. 11 % by vol.
Total acidity:  approx. 7,4 g/l
Residual sugar: approx. 41,00 g/l
Sizes available: 750 ml


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