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New Additions to Vin de Set!

Date: August 3rd, 2011; By: Stacey

  We had a busy spring and beginning of Summer and a lot has happened! This blog entry is a little recap of some events you may have missed and to let you know of some new additions here at Vin de Set that we are very excited about! 

  Mother’s day was a huge hit and we were able to fit in the highest amount of reservations in Vin de Set history! The weather was perfect for outdoor dining and we offered two grand buffets for our guests celebrating this special holiday in appreciation to all mothers in the world! We had a large buffet in our cafe where you will see every Sunday’s Brunch and a long buffet outside on the deck which was covered with crisp-white tents.

  We celebrated our 5th Anniversary with a huge pork roast on a perfect Saturday afternoon in June. The event was open to the public, many regulars joined us and we even had contest winners from Y98 join us complimentary for calling in to the station.  Tony Cole, Kirby Jones and Ivy Magruder stayed awake all night long previously, roasting the hogs and man was it the best pork ever! We featured a fun dessert bacon bar that was a hit and also had live entertainment for our guests enjoying the BBQ.

        We had our annual 4th of July bash with a great turnout even though this holiday fell on a Monday. We offered more seating this year for firework viewing. We try different things for our guests each year in effort to find the best with everything we do but definitely try not to mess with a great thing when it’s found. The buffet spread for this event was amazing, located at Moulin’s Centennial Ballroom and coordinated by Moulin Events Executive Chef, Tony Cole. This buffet had everything you could ever want for an upscale pic nic for the 4th! Guests enjoyed a dessert buffet while watching the fireworks on the rooftop of Vin de Set, finishing the night dancing to Hudson and the Hoodoo Cats. We had a lot going on during this patio season and we hope you were able to join us and if not, hope you can next year! Now on to what’s new! 

      With the opening of PW Pizza came the time and need for a new Service Manager. It couldn’t have been better timing since we had the opportunity of meeting Sarah Thornton who was looking to expand her management experience. Sarah is a Certified Specialist of Wine and is Vin de Set’s Service Manager as of spring. She has a passion for hospitality and plans on owning a restaurant in the future. We look forward to sharing her journey as long as we can! Oh yeah, and she’s not going to be a Thornton for very much longer. She has a big wedding day coming up in October!

       We have also added another level for your rooftop enjoyment! We’re calling it the Upper Deck for now and it features 360 degrees of spectacular Saint Louis view. This area will allow us to be able to accommodate larger groups out on the deck, even on the weekends! Please call us to find out how your group can enjoy the Upper Deck! (314)241-8989.


        We have a new Lunch menu item for all of you seafood lovers out there! We have a seafood fettucini with mussels, clams, langostinos, tomatoes, spinach and a white wine-garlic- butter sauce. Delicious! Also, per our guests request, we have added a Salmon entree to the Dinner menu. It is pan seared Salmon served over our brussels sprouts-onion-bacon slaw and drizzled with a parsley coulis.




   The heat has been crazy this summer and we hope you are keeping cool and remember us for indoor dining too! We look forward to seeing you!


Bluenote Event with a 1920s theme

Date: February 23rd, 2011; By: Marion

     Vin de Set and Eleven Eleven Mississippi represented the Saint Louis Originals in participation of the Saint Louis Blues 14 1920s Speakeasy themed event at the Scottrade center on Wednesday, February 16th. Paul, Wendy, Ivy, Jason and Stacey attended all decked out in their 1920s gear! The event featured Craps, Blackjack and Roulette with Saint Louis Blues players as the dealers, live entertainment provided by the Charles Glenn Group, live and silent auctions, raffle prizes, great food and cocktails. Along with all attendees time, Paul and Wendy donated food for the event and a Chef’s Tasting Dinner at Vin de Set for a party of 10 for the auction. From Vin de Set , Duck Cassoulet and Duck Confit with truffled mashed potatoes were served and from Eleven Eleven, Wild Boar Bolognese with aged goat cheese polenta.

    The Saint Louis Blues 14 is the charitable trust of the Saint Louis Blues with a mission to positively impact programs and services that promote health and wellness for the youth in Saint Louis. The trust was created in 1998 to honor former Blues Player Doug Wickenheiser, #14, who passed away after a long battle with cancer in early 1999. The Blues 14 fund focuses on four areas of giving, which include cancer care and awareness, health awareness, education and youth hockey development. Click on the link below for more information about this foundation.



New Year-New Ideas for Moulin

Date: January 22nd, 2010; By: JASON

We finished the year on a positive note and had a great crowd ring in 2010 with us.  For many January brings a time to reflect on the year past and plan for the future.  We are no exception.

At Moulin 2010 brings a new event space on the rooftop dedicated to private events.  We finished consruction on it in late 2009, but were only able to use it a couple of times once the weather turned so 2010 will mark the 1st full season.  In addition to the private rooftop deck, we are starting plans for the cellar of the Centennial Malt House.  1st step is the build-out and refining the use of the new space, but if anyone has ever seen it,  you know it is one of the coolest spaces in the building.

In March of 2009 we started the Centennial Beer Festival as a one day tasting  and have expanded it this year to include a Friday Brewmaster dinner, Saturday Tasting, VIP Beer session and a Sunday Pub bus the last weekend of January.   What a great way to get out of the winter funk.

Moulin also was able to finish the year with the strongest October and December in it’s brief four year history.  As a reward we are going back to Las Vegas for the Catersource show   This show encompasses everything catering, banquets and events and last time we returned with a wealth of knowledge on new trends, ideas and direction.  Julia Eubanks ,Corporate Sales Manager, Tony Cole, Executive Chef, Amanda Hazel, Banquet Captain and I will be headed out there in March and will look forward to sharing our ideas and bringing other ideas back to St. Louis.

All the best in the New Year and please stop down to say hello.  Cheers.


Rain not stopping event planning

Date: October 30th, 2009; By: JASON

Wow has October been miserable-rain, rain, rain.  From a venue that has a lot of rooftop outdoor space, we sure have been dissappointed with the weather.  Surprisingly though, we have been as busy this month as any in history.  October is traditionally a strong wedding month and we have hosted our fair share, but it has also been an extremely busy social and corporate month as well.

We have always found that as planners finish up their summer vactions, they start to focus in on planning the rest of the year out that includes the meetings, retirements, birthdays and holdiay get-togethers.  Even though this October has not been great weather wise, it can be a great month to plan a party.  The good news is that people are actively booking November and December events, which gives us a more optimistic view of the economy.

We are also looking forward to the re-opening of the highway 40/64 project which is the easiest and most convenient way to get here for most of our guests from Clayton, Ladue, Chesterfield and points west.  It can only help all of the businesses and events downtown and from  a personal standpoint should help congestion on all of the other highways in town.

Couple of things on our radar for the next 3 months:

Now-December-Holiday planning will be in full swing.  Maybe the budgets are tighter, but companies are thanking their employees for hanging tough in these uncertain, but improving times.

Holiday season-Valentines day-This has traditionally been the busiest engagement months and venues are the first or second decision a bride and groom make (ceremony site and dress are also a top priority.)

January-2nd Annual Wedding Open House with our preferred vendors.  All future brides, grroms and families are welcome.

Jan 29th-Jan31st-2nd Annual Centennial Beer Festival Weekend.

Looking forward to a busy and prosperous year for all.  Cheers.


Exclusive Events lights up Moulin for Fall inspired wedding

Date: October 22nd, 2009; By: JASON

There are some great photos of the Centennial Ballroom Freese/Mansker wedding on Exclusive Events website.  They are our preferred designer.  Great choice of colors, lights and linens.


St. Louis Weddings and how we compare

Date: October 22nd, 2009; By: JASON

So some of the interesting facts about couples getting married today that we learned on our trip.

Average age of the groom…29.  Of the bride…27

Weddings in the Midwest are the largest on average, over 180 guests versus the national average of 155 guests.

By the time it is all said and done, a destination wedding (inviting friends and family  and getting married in some remote site like Mexico or Hawaii) ends up costing about the same as throwing a traditional wedding ceremony and reception.

Brides spend up to 20 hours a week online preparing for their big day and the high traffic times are the same as most business hours, so what are you doing at work today? 

Decisions, decisions, decisions…. the bride and groom have more than 190 decisions to make planning their big day.  That is a lot of information overload.

And speaking of the big day, it is more like a big weekend or weeks now that most couple plan or attend a bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception and post reception function. 

I would say that this all sounds like what we experience at Moulin.  The other interesting thing that we learned is that the bride and groom in the midwest is more apt to marry in a church, synagogue or place of worship versus getting married at a non-traditional site than any other part of the country.  Again not surprising.


Let me know what you think of this and whether your experience plays out that way or is entirely different.  Cheers.


Vegas Baby!

Date: September 30th, 2009; By: JASON

Ann and I just got back from a couple of days in Vegas.  Went out there for the Wedding MBA show that highlights the latest trends in the wedding industry.  Stayed at the Wynn hotel and we got a rgeat deal from Southwest Airlines vacations.  6 room nights and roundtrip air for under $1,200. 

As far as the Wynn goes, I was not feeling the love.  In the past 10 years I’ve been out there 5 times and stayed at the Bellagio, Venetian, Treasure Island and the Planet Holleywood when it was under renovation.  Treasure Island was the most fun as far as stuff hapenning.  Bellagio was the most opulent and the fountain is now a landmark.  I don’t think that the Planet Hollywood was great, but hard to judge as it was still being converted from the old Alladin hotel.  Pound for pound the Venetian was the coolest set-up, had the best choice of dining options and was the most fun to explore.  The Lake of dreams at the Wynn is great for diner or a cocktail at one of the restaurants and the pool looked amazing when we saw it after the conference, but the rest of the hotel was just alright.  Maybe I was expeting more.

More on our trip later including our the meal and show, the conference and some of the new trends in weddings, how the midwest difers fromt he rest of the nation when it comes from weddings.




Meet the Culinary Team of Moulin Events and Meetings

Date: August 25th, 2009; By: Stacey
Antonio Cole, Executive Chef of Moulin Events and Meetings

Antonio Cole, Executive Chef of Moulin Events and Meetings

 Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee “Tony” started cooking for family and friends at the age of nine, quickly knowing early on that his passion lay in the kitchen.  When he wasn’t watching the PBS Chef Justin Wilson (“I guarantee…) Tony worked in restaurants all through high school and the day after graduation moved to St. Louis.
Once in St. Louis, Tony worked his way up at “Patrick’s” in Ellisville, honing his skills as a line cook on the sauté and grill stations.

Making a bold move, Tony left Patrick’s to join the Army as a Combat Engineer and traveled extensively in Europe including stints in Austria, Italy, Turkey, Luxembourg and France, gaining valuable exposure to the different cultures and foods along the way.

Tony finished his assignment with the Army after five years and numerous decorations, returning to St. Louis taking a position at the Ritz Carlton, supervising the line in both “The Restaurant” and in their Banquet Department.
Tony’s big break came when he joined the team at “Remy’s Kitchen and Wine Bar” working his way up to Executive Sous Chef. It was at Remy’s that Tony met Paul Hamilton and Ivy Magruder leading to Tony’s dream of being part of an opening restaurant team.

In 2003 he joined Magruder at the Hamilton’s new venture, the opening of Eleven Eleven Mississippi. He soon became a valuable part of the operation taking the position as Kitchen Manager supervising all of the preparation and lunch team. When the Hamiltons considered expanding into the event business, Tony was first on the list of candidates to become the Executive Chef.

“I love the thrill and the challenge of reinventing ourselves each and every event tailoring the menus and service to our guest’s expectations.”  When not in the kitchen, Tony enjoys motorcycles, live music and fishing and is a self diagnosed addict of Sportscenter.

Leroy Davis, Sous Chef  of Moulin Events and Meetings

Leroy Davis, Sous Chef of Moulin Events and Meetings

Even though Leroy traveled to the Netherlands, Greece and all over the country as an enlisted soldier in the Army, he credits his mom for laying the foundation for his love of the kitchen and family meals.  Leroy grew up in St. Louis and after his four year commitment in the Army was complete, he joined the reserves for thirteen more and focused on the culinary training that the military provided.

One of the first memorable cooking experiences he enjoyed was at the Cheshire Inn where he realized that the camaraderie and team environment of the kitchen had a lot of similarities to the Army.  He took that experience to the Hilton Frontenac where he was a member of the banquet team and to the Adams Mark, where he was the Sous Chef at Chestnuts Restaurant.

Most recently, Leroy was part of the opening team of the Gast Haus and Vin de Set until he was tapped in the spring of 2007 to work with Tony Cole at Moulin.

He credits Paul and Wendy’s family approach to business and the support that he gets from his two daughters Sabrina and Shannon and his fiancé Norine for the success he has enjoyed at Moulin. We credit Leroy’s ability and attitude to do anything and everything from customized tastings to taking control of the kitchen so Tony can take a vacation. His big smile and warm personality is a mainstay of the kitchen and he really likes the freedom he gets to create and work with the rest of the team.


Moulin Bridal Show Recap

Date: June 5th, 2009; By: Stacey
Moulin Events

Moulin Events

Moulin celebrated the successful conclusion of our third full year of events by hosting the first annual “Before You Say I  Do” interactive bridal event.  Brides, grooms and their families came and experienced first hand our historical venue set with five distinct bridal looks created by Moulin’s talented preferred partner vendors.  There was something for everyone and as brides and their families chatted with some of St. Louis’ premiere wedding professionals, many of the grooms enjoyed the “Groom’s Room,” with complimentary beer tasting, honeymoon information and unique attendant gift options.  Expert speakers offered programs throughout the evening, giving tips on such topics as “Wedding Planning on a Budget,” “Ceremony Flowers” for 2009 the “Impact of Lighting” and much more.  The event’s theme of enhancing our “Five Senses” was a true success as all guests were able to mingle, taste, look, feel, see and learn in a casual cocktail reception setting.  These photos from the event are a must see for anyone looking for new ideas and inspiration.  Visit to view all of the photos.  
“Before You Say I Do” 2010 date yet to come!


About Moulin Events

Date: May 2nd, 2009; By: Stacey

Moulin Events and Meetings is located on the second floor of the Centennial Malt House and specializes in private events including rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, corporate functions and family celebrations as intimate as 10 or as grand as 750 guests.



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