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There’s still time to make this Valentine’s Day memorable!

Date: February 10th, 2011; By: Marion

  So, winter has been pretty brutal this year. But weather doesn’t put life on hold. There has been so much to do with New Year’s, the Super Bowl and now Valentine’s! It can be stressful thinking and planning for the perfect holiday for your sweetheart! We like to give information about us and what we do instead of push things but this one just might be a “love, love relationship” kind of blog. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner but luckily, so are we! The Grand Petite Market specializes in wine, treats, sweets, salts, spices, gifts, kitchenware and culinary specialty items that are sure to excite your Valentine’s senses and satisfy their palette. If your sweetheart loves to cook things up at home this is the perfect one stop shop that has all boutique charm and nestled in arguably the most romantic neighborhood in the city.

    Here you can produce the perfect Valentine’s weekend. You can bundle up, walk around a beautiful park with your loved one, enjoy a fantastic dinner, swing over for a chocolate martini and end the evening at a Victorian Bed & Breakfast and then surprise your Valentine with a bundle of gifts like a bottle of French red wine, chocolates and raved about Wine Wipes (these remove red wine stains from her lips. She’ll love them!). It’s all right here in Lafayette Square and it’s not too late to make this the most memorable Valentine’s Day ever! 

When checking availability online, these B&Bs still had vacancies:  

*Get some gift ideas here:



Featured Wine for June

Date: June 5th, 2009; By: Stacey

Deneza Torrontes 2007, Salta, Argentina

Cost: $12.25

The Legend of the Greyhound (El Galgo):
In the 15th century, in France’s famous region of Champagne, lived the old Countess Deneza who had a magic Galgo (Greyhound). It was a silver Galgo and wherever he ran, a gorgeous vineyard grew and produced wonderful wine. Five hundred years later, the heirs of Countess Deneza moved to Argentina, bringing their coat-of-arms to some of the vineyards in Mendoza, where the magic Galgo runs today.
Deneza Torrontes
Torrontes, Argentina’s flagship white variety, reaches its zenith in the high Andean valleys of Cafayate. The vines here struggle with high winds, drought, and the vagaries of weather that come with planting at up to 2000M above seal level. The region is very limited in its production because water is so scarce, and the Torrontes vines here make some of the most exciting white wine in the world. The characteristic of Torrontes de Cafayate is its piercing aromatics of pear, apple, exotic floral, and minerality. The wines tend to be brighter and fresher than their counterparts from lower altitude sites. Deneza winery of Mendoza sends their winemaker to the North at harvest to produce a mere 600 cs of this delightful and exotic wine.


Gemtree Vineyards “Tadpole” Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

Date: May 2nd, 2009; By: Stacey

  McLaren Vale, Australia


Tadpole Shiraz Cabernet

This wine was made with as little intervention as possible in the winery using an organically grown blend of 60% Shiraz and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon from Gemtree’s own vineyards in the McLaren Vale. The “Tadpole” is an untamed animal – zero filtration, zero fining. Naturally juicy, soft and very drinkable! Goes great with any red meats or game.

Tasting Notes : The nose shows aromas of mocha, crushed raspberries and coconuts. The palate is full-bodied, dense and concentrated with vibrant dark fruit flavours, hints of menthol and soft velvety tannins.

Method of Production : The organically grown grapes were destemmed, crushed and cold soaked for six days prior to being fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks over a period of eight days. The wine was then pressed to 30% new oak barrels (60% American & 40% French) for malolactic conversion and 18 months’ ageing.



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